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Let's Celebrate 40 Years


The Time Has Come…Let’s see what we’ve achieved in the last 40 years.
First, we still need your help creating those memories. We ask each guild member to write their own quilt story.  Submit a half page along with your own photo(s) and send to the following email: There is still time to submit. We would also receive handwritten page if you prefer and can be given to any committee member. Cost of this book will need to be recovered in sale of books printed. Success will be determined by full


Some of our other celebration events will include:

Photos of past events shown at each meeting

Quilts or projects from our Founding Members

The red wall hanging/quilt challenge…This extra fun challenge is to use the colour red and create a quilted item. We hope you have a project in mind or have one already completed.
There is no size restriction of the finished article but maybe use your stash and then you get to shop later when the shelves are empty. (how come that never seems to happen?)
There will be 2 categories:
    - Wall hanging or bed quilt

- Garment or accessory
All items are to be brought for the June 2024 meeting and viewer’s choice by members will decide the winners. Share your items and let’s have a great show for the anniversary meeting


A red and white charity quilt challenge with blocks done by our members and once quilted will be given to RVH for a raffle.

A free monthly draw till June for members who will share a memory on paper we can read it out at each meeting till June.

Anniversary cake will wrap up the event in June. 



To celebrate our Anniversary, we are sponsoring a " Special" in the 2024 Barrie Fair. It is a special Homecraft category Quilted item for under 17 years of age. It can be any quilted item. (placemat, mug rug, wall hanging.
1st -$20
There is also a Youth Challenge at CQA for CQA members to sponsor a youth to enter. So many of you may have grandchildren or great grandchildren or neighbours with young children so consider encouraging them to make something for this challenge.

Perhaps we will see some Youth Quilt Entries at our 2024 Simcoe County Quilt, Rug & Artisan

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